Explore New Ways of Self-Expression

Not everyone can paint, write poetry, make music, or draw. Most people have to find less elaborate ways of self-expression because they have no talent of creativity. That does not mean they have no opinions, personality, or sense of humor. Technology has provided a number of ways to get a point across, indicate an interest, or express a sentiment.

Social Media

People can make a video with their phones and post it on YouTube in a matter of minutes. Thousands of browsers will see it before the day is over. A post on Facebook can create drama on a global scale and get people commenting and arguing with folks they do not even know. Those who enjoy doing crafts can set up a website and place a link on social media to sell their attempts at self-expression.


Making a statement with fashion is nothing new. Hippies, for example, have been sporting tie-dye shirts and jeans for decades. That is just one iconic example of stereo typically clothing associated with a certain group of people. Bikers wear leather jackets and bandannas, geeks wear bow ties and pocket protectors, and golfers wear strange designs on their pants.

What is new is the variety of styles and the multitude of choices for each article of clothing. T-shirts printed to order used to be available at physical shops by the dozens. Today one t-shirt site can offer thousands of choices in several categories. Shoppers can click this to view options for animal t-shirts that include sharks, hedgehogs, chickens, and lemurs along with the typical cats, dogs, birds, and horses.

Prints and Wall Art

Posters and decals are now in three dimensions. Shower curtains are available that depict landmarks, famous paintings, and scenic landscapes. People can spend hours browsing one or two websites that offer pages and pages of products. Decor ranges from ordinary to bizarre and everything in between.

People can reflect their preferences, point of view, creative side and even sarcastic thoughts on the wall or at the office. Avenues of self-expression have expanded immensely due to the internet. Browse a few websites and discover what is available.