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These Are Good Reasons You Should Stay Married

There are many who don’t have nice things to say about marriage today.

It is now widely accepted that marriage as an institution has been on a decline for sometime There is one comforting thing to note though,that the divorce situation has not changed in the last 30 years or so. Some researches have indicated that there are some undeniable advantages that are to be enjoyed by those who make a decision to tie the knot. If your marriage is not anywhere near what you expected when you said “I do”,you can still do something about your situation-encourage your partner to accompany you to a reliable Cincinnati marriage counselor who can attentively listen to you as you lay down your problem and devise a plan that can take you back to the initial bliss you had.

These are more reasons you should consider popping up that all important question-Will you marry me?
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Most people would rather live long,and there are some studies which indicate that married men tend to live longer than the unmarried ones. A research conducted by the University of California in 2006 asserted that single individuals are 40% more likely to succumb to heart disease than their married mates.
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Do you really want to see your income grow?Just get married,seriously! This could be explained by the fact that you now have two incomes and the expenses do not increase by a large margin when you get married.

So you want to have kids to propagate your lineage?well,this is a no brainer,just get married.

Life happens,people get laid off and others get involved in road accidents;all these events can be a little hard on you when you are single but when you have an understanding partner in your life,many of life’s storms can be weathered.

It is not exactly clear why women find married more attractive,but the interesting reality is that they do!

If you get married,you are set to enjoy some goodies such as tax breaks and you also get to become a beneficiary of your partner’s premium medical insurance plan.

If you are married and think that you have not been enjoying all or at least some of the benefits I have been talking about,please consider having a meeting with a Cincinnati Marriage counselor who can help you and your wife or husband refocus on what can improve the union to happiness and marital bliss.