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VoIp Telephone Services-The Game Changer

Since the internet was discovered, visionary entrepreneurs predicted that voice calls would be merged with internet services. With VoIP becoming so widespread, the day has finally come. The VoIP technology allows you to make an internet connection and make voice calls over the internet. This system has impacted the telecom industry greatly.

The IP Telephone service has brought about competition as most features of telephone services have been opened up. People now have a choice of providers for local and international services. This has come about because VoIP has been widely adopted and is inevitable.

The VoIP service has grown over the past 10years. Earlier on people could only communicate over long distances if they only had a voice-enable dcomputer and internet connection that was stable. You had to have a software program on your computer that could make it work. Even though you could overlook the use of the expensive traditional landline system when making such calls, the system was still very restricting.

VoIP has however provided a solution to this problems. For VoIP to be feasible on a large scale, two things are the only ones needed. One, broadband internet has been adopted widely. To have a stable internet connection is easy for anyone. Second, the industry provides a simple and inexpensive way of merging the intent with the traditional telephone service. This means that you can use your phone to contact a person living in a far part of the world from where you are, and they are using the traditional telephone service.

Does VoIP save you money and how? The greatest benefit that this service offers is the low cost and the flexibility. Again voice quality is maintained. A traditional landline is not necessary when using VoIP services. Instead, they use a phone number assigned by the VoIP provider. Prices for such numbers are inexpensive, with charges as low as $9 per month!

The subscribers can get a tariff charge for both local and international calls within a certain geographical area. These tariffs are arranged in a manner that they are charged monthly from about $20.

Again, these VoIP providers provide free features which contrastingly are charged by the traditional telephone service providers. Such include voicemail services, speed dialing call dialing etc.

Another benefit is the flexibility and portability that VoIP offers. You don’t need a traditional landline. Your cell phone number can be allocated to your converter and it means you can carry it anywhere and plug it into a broadband connection and use it to make those international calls.

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